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    Some of you may already know me, but even though this introduction is late I'll introduce myself.

    I am 21 years old and from the UK and grew up in a difficult and fearsome childhood. As I grew older I grew interested in science due to my facsination with space at a very early age. I was not able to study much science however because of my family issues I did not have much concentration. I did all round ok in school with C's for all but one subject.

    At late adolescence I became very confused as what I wanted and just did what my father had wanted me to while listening to everyone else who told me what I should do. Eventually I started moving away from their ideas but that made me feel alone and isolated. I began to read into Christianity. My family are but were not strongly followers and still aren't.

    I ended up in a literal world with the Bible which turned me into a religious zombie. One thing led to another and eventually I developed a mental illness which needed treatment (I'll keep that to myself). But since I am getting better and am starting to see the world in a more scientific way and am able to accept science more open arms than before.

    I have only just been rid of religion but it is still difficult to completley detatach from it.

    What caused me to disconnect? I'll tell you. The Bible was rubbish, a man made book to help keep order 2000 years ago and even more in the Hebrew. I realised this after reflecting upon the damage religion has done to me psychologically.

    Now I am rid, I feel a child inside again, free from judgment or fear of some all over looking being and it is wonderful. I feel so happy, the happiest I have felt in many many years.

    Today I am unemployed and in a rut as to continue my education, but I suppose eventually after I have gotten used to who I really am then I can start again from scratch, ever the more wiser, and more importantly, free...

    The cake is a lie. I saw it, but it was not really there and merley a trick of the mind...

    If people of the world acted together to make it a harmonous world. We wouldn't need to wait 2000 years for a messiah; we'd save it less than 24 hours...
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    Hello, SuperflyTNT,

    It's nice to meet you. As you can see, I am an amateur in this forum, but I hope that you will not hold my ignorance too mcuh against me.

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