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    Think about it! A molecule, which self-assembles into a biomatrix without DNA. The structure appears at the nanoscale identical to its X-ray diffraction pattern and molecular modeling. This may be the true genesis molecule. It is a carbohydrate scaffold with all the necessary qualifications. However, the bias in science is not limited to religion. As an African American, I went from "best dissertation" at a well respected research institution to "nigger" after I graduated. I had to find a non-traditional way to document my research. This is the reason my discoveries are presented as art, science, and divine metaphysics. Even if my "more acceptable" science colleagues get their awards I have to hope that my rewards will come from the Creator. One thing is certain, I will not be recognized by the bigots in the science community on this planet. Visit my website,

    My research is related to my search for the "genesis molecule". I document my discovery through art, science, and theology
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    It is an interesting approach to blend art, science and theology. I haven't looked at your website yet, but the non-traditional route you have chosen should at the very least be provocative in a positive way.

    The chip on your shoulder is, however, provocative in a negative way. Be aware that you do not sound like someone whose ideas have been rejected because of your race, you sound like someone whose ideas have been rejected because they are faulty. I have no way, so far, of distinguishing between these, but I think you will get a fairer, more attentive hearing if you leave out the references to the bigots in the science community. Your choice.

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    Major Ray, please trust me when I say your race makes no difference to me. I am a minority myself in academia. But I will warn you now that as the moderator of the biology forum I do not allow discussions which call for supernatural explanations for natural phenomenon. If you wish to have a discussion that centers on religion you will have to do it in the religion or philosophy subforum. If you wish to discuss this self-assembling molecule based solely on the evidence that you have gathered in support of its existence and its properties then you will be welcome in any forum here.

    I will also join JohnGalt in cautioning you about railing against the bigots in the scientific community. Scientists are people too and have among them their fair share of true bigots, but the scientific community as a whole will respect your ideas if your science in support of them is solid.
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