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    I just joined here, obviously.
    I'm almost obsessed with science, particularly cosmology, technology, and social science.
    I'm currently a senior in high school, and I started studying science a few years ago so I'm not very good at it yet, though I am, not to brag, more intelligent then most students, and teachers, at my school.
    I do believe in the existence of a higher being, what many people call God, but I do not think that anyone knows who it is yet, and I do not think he directly created us, and I certainly do not believe we're here in his image. I believe in evolution, and also if we are to know who this higher being, if he's there, that science is the only way to it.
    I still watch junk on TV, especially anime, but I spend most of my time watching documentaries. I prefer books and the internet over the mainstream media, however.

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    Hello, Jedimaster.

    As for me, Iím almost obsessed with mathematics and languages.

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    Hello Jedimaster
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