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Thread: Russian Auctions Nobel Peace Prize For Ukraine Refugees!

  1. #1 Russian Auctions Nobel Peace Prize For Ukraine Refugees! 
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    The Russian journalist Dmitry Muratov is putting up his Nobel Peace Prize for auction, to help Ukrainian refugees from the war launched by his own country*.

    The medal is to be sold, most appropriately, "by Heritage Auctions on June 20, World Refugee Day, with the support of the prize committee."

    While this help for refugees does not directly address the war's outcome, it could have an impact far beyond helping those most in need following the Russian invasion, and its brutality against the Ukrainian people. One can only imagine what many Russians will think of such an act, from such a widely respected journalist.

    Since a lasting peace is likely only with the defeat and withdrawal of Russian forces, it could become one of the most significant achievements the Nobel Peace Prize has ever helped to accomplish!

    "Exclusive: Pioneering Russian journalist sells Nobel Peace medal for Ukraine"


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    Nobel Peace laureate Dmitry Muratov has auctioned his medal for $103.5 million (£84m) *.

    Muratov had heard it could sell for $2 million, or more.

    It appears that interest in the medal, and its meaning, and in its help for Ukrainian refugees gave it a bit more to the "or more" side.

    "Russian journalist Dmitry Muratov auctions Nobel medal for $103m"


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