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Thread: Was high school originally ungraded?

  1. #1 Was high school originally ungraded? 
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    In America, at one time, there was no middle school. The corresponding years were grouped with the elementary ones. The institutes that were for younger kids often had the alternate name of grade schools. Did that mean that high school used to be a collective level that had no specific categories for students? If years were present, then were those only labeled as freshman through senior, instead of also being grades nine through twelve?

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    In those days grade school was from 1 to 8, while high school was 9 to 12. Later on the idea of dividing into three levels was instituted grade school 1 to6, jr. high 7 to 9, and sr. high 10 o 12. (Note - in the 1940's in NYC, both these systems were used). Recent years have changed to 1 to 5, 6 to 8, and 9 to 12. Also kindergarten was added along side to the lowest levels. Another change over time was having each half of a grade separate.

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