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    A Book, entitled "How Polish People Helped Germans Murder Jews;" was published recently (January 2013) in Poland.,p720952114

    I hope it will be translated into English. The author, Stefan Zgliczynski, is a journalist associated with the Polish version of Le Monde Diplomatique. His book generated many interesting comments on a Polish website:

    „Jak Polacy Niemcom {ydw mordowa pomagali”. Recenzja ksi|ki - Forum -

    The link below will take you to selected observations (translated by me).

    Thay are worth reading and thinking about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kowalskil View Post
    The way you formatted your link- it would not work from clicking it.

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    I didn't hear any of them.
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    "How Polish People Helped Germans Murder Jews"

    My Polish is a bit rusty, but the title sounds like it might be confused with racist generalizations with overtones of guilt by association, it may be for simplification purposes, but since there are actual racist people that can cast blame on an entire segment of the planets population because these humans happen to share a common attribute (even an arbitrary and artificially created or perceived one) it may lead these people to think the book supports their generalizations, by its title.

    - Hey kid, do you confess that your daddy is a baker right?
    - What? Yes
    - Do you admit you are guilty of being born here on the planet, look at this region on that continental land mass, just about here, is this the general area where You chose to be born?
    - hum, yes, well Im not sure but it could be in that region
    - Ha ah, then you admit your guilt of being Polish! And has you know, the "Polish" are guilty of helping the "Germans"

    In any case, if you could resume the main points of the book it would help, thanks.
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