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Thread: What were Hitlers favorite books?

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    I wonder what was Hitlers favorite (political) books or better to say which books influenced him most
    One thing that may make it harder to answer is the fact that Hitler was a hater even in the "National Movement Scene" which means he was picking on authors that were for example all about aryian-supermancy and from which he took elements for his own book (like Liebenfels or List) but who he considered to be too esoteric or way to ridiculous, even for him or people he disliked for other reasons.
    So, I don't search for books that may promote ideas similar to Hitlers but for books he openly liked and admitted to be influenced by.

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    I'm guessing his favourites might have included :
    Theozology by Liebenfels, for the advocacy of the sterilization of the sick and lower classes.
    The Holy Bible by authors unknown to justify his treatment of jews and homosexuals.
    The Origin of Species by Darwin, even if he never actually read it he would have claimed some sort of point.
    On War (Vom Kriege) by Clausewitz, even though he missed the point!
    The World as Will and Representation (Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung) by Schopenhauer, for the idea of a master race.
    Mein Kampf by himself.
    Generally, books on empires and nation building to include the Roman, Mongol and British empires. Books on art and culture (he was reluctant to bomb cities such as Paris and Oxford). Books on eugenics (he may have read Francis Galton). He had a great interest in the occult and would have read books on the Knights Templar, the Holy Grail and the Spear of Destiny. He lived at a time of the re-emergence of occultism which was being popularized by various secret societies in Europe.

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    Here's an article about what was in his libraries, including quite a few quote when he commented on books as well as those found with his personal notes.
    Real History and the Books that Hitler read
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    You would think that Nietzsche was a fairly large influence.
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