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    I was just getting back into the teaching profession in early September 1969 when the name Gaddafi was first in the news. I had been married for 2 years, was busy moving into a flat in Picton Ontario, preparing to teach in Cherry Valley, a small rural community, and involved in opening another Baha’i locality in the then Nine Year Plan.1 I was still recovering emotionally from writing-off my car the week before to really take in the bloodless coup d’etat against King Idris.2 Gaddafi was 27 then in 1969 and I was 25 and just starting out in the journey of my young adulthood.

    Last night, now aged 68, I watched a doco entitled Gaddafi: Our Best Enemy.3 It delved into the precarious and messy, complex and fascinating historical relationship between key western states and Gaddafi, especially in the years of my retirement: 1999 to 2011. By the time I watched this doco I was on a pension, writing full time, and continuing to play a part in the Baha’i teaching plans which had formally begun some 75 years before. And Gaddafi was dead.-Ron Price, 1Baha’i Teaching Plan from 1964 to 1973, 2Wikipedia, and 3SBSONE, 10:00-11:50 p.m. 1/11/11.

    Gaddafi was just a name in the news
    back then, news which blows at you
    from some lighted chirping box or
    unlighted ones known as radios…So
    much comes at us all as we go about
    our jobs, our marriages, so many acts
    in the day-to-day world as we all try
    to survive the tempest blowing in our
    world with the speed of light before
    life ends in that twinkling of an eye.

    Gaddafi was more than just a name by
    the time I watched this doco, although
    he was dead and had gone into a hole
    for those who speak no more, as that
    prophetic figure the Bab once put the
    act of dying and death so graphically
    in his 100s of 1000s of verses in Iran
    before He, too, succumbed to guns!!!

    You were more clever by half, as they
    say these days, in spite of dishevelled
    appearances when you were on TV &
    negotiating with leaders and advisers
    in the West. And what a character you
    were with a name one could spell some
    ….37 ways!!1

    1 An article published in the London Evening Standard in 2004 lists a total of 37 spellings of his name, and 32 spellings are known at the Library of Congress.

    Ron Price
    22 February 2011 to 2 November 2011

    P.S. The above prose-poem was begun 8 months before the death of Gaddafi and finished after watching the doco mentioned above.

    married for 37 years; teacher for 30; living in Australia for 33 years; Baha'i for 45 years. Writer of poetry for 25 years.
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