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Thread: Historian Overdose or Different Scientic Language?

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    I have traveled over the years and there has been times when i have come across people that talk about history and events of the past. I met one gentleman from England, he was with his Asian wife and slept in the room opposite me. The one day he began a conversation and as he spoke his historian knowledge became mixed up, some of his information made me think, was he mixed up or was this in fact a lesson of the whole world's history muddeled up so much that i wasn't supposed to understand.

    Anyway I just looked the gentleman and said I'm sorry mate i got to leave and go back to my room it make no sense to me. Anyone had this kind of experience.

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    Sounds to me like he may have got a little mixed up is all. Trying to take a occurrence that happened to everyone occasionally when they discuss a subject they know, and convert it to a massive global conspiracy, it a little odd.

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    Where are you from Jona? It might help to have context.
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    Ha. Perhaps he was a bit less acknowledgeable than he thinks he is? Why would this fellow know much about history, did he study it? If he doesn't actually study history, then that's probably why he didn't know what he was talking about. Like if you don't understand and study science or English or some other subject. It's also possible that he came from a different point-of-view than yours too, not all history is straight forward facts, though some of it is, other parts are opinions hopefully based off facts. :P
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