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    Within Pakistan, there exist three tribes, the Burusho, the Kalash, and the Pathan, which all describe themselves as descendants of Macedonian soldiers that had accompanied Alexander in his adventures of conquest.

    In 2005, geneticists from Pakistan, the U.S., and the U.K. set out to discover if there is any truth to the legends.

    The suspects:


    The Burusho claim that their origins lie in the village of Baltir which was supposedly founded by one of Alexander's soldiers. This is a legend that is apparently quite common in both Pakistan and Afghanistan

    In 2008 , the Hunza(Barusho) Prince Ghazanfar Ali Khan and Princess Rani Atiqa were welcomed in Macedonia as descendants of Alexander's army to much fanfare.

    Genetic test results: Afghan and Sinte Romani(gypsy)


    Kalash Valley location (Chitral)

    Some cultural anthropologists have noted vague similarities in Kalash polytheism and Greek polytheism, and the link is also suggested by the overal abundancy of blond hair and blue eyes amongst the native populations. The legends are also believed by the Taliban, who according to some news agencies, target them due to this connection to Alexander.

    Historians however do not accept that Alexander ever made it this far north and none can pinpoint the land that the Kalash state they originated from, Syam.

    Genetic test results: Originated in prehistoric South Asia, perfectly clustered in Central Asia, no European influence.

    Pathan (Pashtun)

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    The oral tradition of the Pashtun have some interesting traditions. One states that they are the descendants of Alexander's army(foundation of Khandahar), and the other states that they are a lost tribe of Israel that was banished by the Assyrians. One specific tribal name is Yusufzai,( son of Joseph). The government of Israel is currently attempting to organize their own study in the attempt of verifying this claim.

    Genetic study results:WINNER!! Small admixture of haplotype E3b1, which is heavily concentrated in the Balkans, Macedonia and Bulgaria in particular.

    It would appear that the Pathan/ Pashto people have had an intermingling of Macedonian blood somewhere in their genetic history, but even with this information, nobody can speculate as to when it may have occured. Greek slaves brought back by the Persian Empire, Macedonian colony or abuse of the native population, or directly caused by Hellenization and trade routes?

    Genetic Study:

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    One of the remnants of Alexander's empire was Bactria, a Hellenistic state in the same region.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mathman View Post
    One of the remnants of Alexander's empire was Bactria, a Hellenistic state in the same region.
    And Bactria in its hay day was both very powerful and lasted something like 700 years.
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