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Thread: Historical evolution of the "Devil"?

  1. #1 Historical evolution of the "Devil"? 
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    How did the modern concept of the Devil come to place?

    In Judaism, ha-satan was an angel, submissive to God, that made no overt evil in the world of man. In fact, it seems like his primary goal as "advesary" seemed to be one of testing man and pointing out their inadequacies to God.

    Ibls/ Shaitan fell from favor with God because he refused to bow down to Adam which seemed as nothing more than unquestioned loyalty to God's own laws.

    In revelations, the war for Heaven is brought to light after most likely existing in apocrypha text for who knows how long. Also through misinterpretation, the devil is named as Lucifer which we do not actually know is correct, but has fallen into the realm of "common knowledge".

    So, I know there are quite a few people on our forum that are much more greatly immersed in this knowledge than I, what does everone think?

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