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Thread: Minoan Cannabalism?

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    In the basement of the archaeological site of Anemospilia, on the Isle of Crete, there was found the skeletal remains of 327 children. The bones were found scattered in a way that suggest simple discardment but upon examination show clear evidence of having been flayed. On the surface floors several skeletons in rubble suggest they were killed by an earthquake, however, on the alter is a skeleton, determined to be an 18 year-old maled who was so compacted that anthropologist determine he was trussed like a bull for sacrife. Examination of the bones and there discoloration also suggest that he died from blood-loss, with his killers dying moments later by the ensuing earthquake.
    Did these sacrifices, coupled with the bull-worship in Minoan culture actually give rise to the Myth of the Minotaur, and was this myth a possible first use of propoganda by mainland Greek city-states against the much older and established island nation of Crete?

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