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Thread: why did hitler not like jewish people?

  1. #1 why did hitler not like jewish people? 
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    Why did he not like jewish people? was it ever documented? I thought about it long and hard and well, at first I went "look at african americans". a lot of african americans do not like caucasian people becasue their ansesters slaved them. well hmm let's look at what jewish people could have done to Hitler in the past?hmm he was Austrian did jewish people do anything to Austira?no they didn't... hmm what else he has a funny mustach... wait anyone can have a funny mustach. oh wait he's christian, hmm did jewish people do anything to christians? yes they killed the savior Jesus Christ him self the son of god. Could Hitler not have killed all of those inocent peopel because he thought they were related to those that killed his savior?


    BTW in advance I'm sorry about the spelling and grammer mistakes

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    Some sources state that he was in ove with Jude girl,
    but got harsly denied by the girls family (because Hitlers religion)...

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    Anti-semitism had been endemic in Europe for centuries. Hitler was a consumate politician and saw the Jews as a handy scapegoat to blame for Germany's near catastrophic economic condition. That hardly explains his attempt to exterminate them.

    Beyond the political angle he had very likely absorbed the undercurrent of anti-semitism present in society. Was this exacerbated by personal experience? I shall reread Mein Kampf this weekend and report back.
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    I always believed Hitler had no religious motivations for hating Jews.

    Rather he was deeply jealous and envious of the accomplishments Jews had made in German society (science, culture, medicine, law, business) despite their minority status and the omnipresent discrimination. I think Hitler found it humiliating that Jews earned these achievements though an ethic of education, hard work and cooperation, whereas Christian Germans failed on average to achieve as highly.

    I think this jealousy and envy in combination with unresolved childhood personal issues concerning sexual frustration and identity led him to develop deep feelings of inadequacy and inferiority, which he could never admit to himself. He displaced his deep-seated feelings of inadequacy with personal hatred of Jews so he could avoid facing his inner fears.

    Hitler had huge ambitions. He realized he could use his hatred of Jews as a scapegoat to blame for all the societal failures, and propel his political future higher.
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    I have wondered the same thing for some time.

    I'm pretty sure Hitler was quite racist (and mad, figuratively speaking).

    He did have many ethnic groups targeted in addition to social groups (communists?). The target group I found most unusual was the Free Massons (which he may have beleived was either unknowingly controled by jews or a threat by way of covert associations). He evidently seams to have had a unusual fixation on jews.

    One guy I personally talked to in a dorm(of polish backgroud), told me that his grand father(in poland) hated the jews because a jew said something like 'we own all the appartments(buildings?shop?) while you are only fit for the streets' in a very degrading way. This one anecdote doesnt mean much, but it seams that economic disparity (real or perceived) caused his grand father and others like him in Poland at the time to dislike or hate jews more than other groups. My guess is that it may have been similar in germany back then.

    In some cases Hitler appears to have targeted groups that were either different/inferior(in his mind. Ex gyspsies) or that posed what he perceived to be a threat to his government(ex: Free Mason? Jews?).

    The quote about hitler's view on jews I found most puzzleing was one in which he said something like -If the jews want a/trigger the war they'll pay the price dearly.

    What was the link between jews and war?(if they were so inferior that didnt make sense for him to say this)

    I dont have the answers, but since the time I was intrigued by that statement I found out that "a few" jews (not all jews) in Europe had since before Edward I in england(middle ages) worked as money changers/lenders(bankers) and have financed wars and made more money to lend further down the road with the interest(called usury back then) they charged(which was more or less prohibited religiously).

    On many occasions this may have lead to people repressing jews(not just that rich jew banker that profited but any jew, be it child or shopkeeper). Edward I borrowed from jews to finance his wars, then extorted their money then had them mistreated/killed/exhiled. Back then newspaper and elections didnt exist and that King could dispense life and death on anyone, so money was not as powerful a tool. But eventually some jews came back to england and other countries from which they had been pushed out. The Napoleonic war was an occasion where a banking (jewish I think) dynasty made a fortune as England borrowed for war. If you make a fortune out of one type of event you probably wish such an event to repeat itself.

    With the paper press and the industrial revoltion, "some" news papers were controled by "some" jews(particuarily in US/UK), and there appears to be cases were bankers who paid/bribed, socialized with owners of, or directly owned newspaper may have manipulated the press (and favored political parties) to influence governments and foster war sentiments. The war path allowed them to lend money to pay for a military buildup that they would also profit from in some cases(with stocks/ownership of industrial manufacturers and mines).
    The common people were not aware of this financial drive for war (and few are aware of it even today, unless reading 'war is a racket' or following the money trail).

    IMO, the jewish-banker-war profiteer angle and view of micro-internal-ethnic-governement(religion) may have played a role, in addition to the mad racist angle and the scapegoat thing.
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