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    Occasionally I go online to read sites about so called "OOparts" of archeology, which is to say artifacts that are discovered from time to time that simply don't fit into the accepted picture of human history.

    An example would be some artifacts of Hittite writing found in North America at one site, but not really anywhere else. Another example could be the batteries found in Persia, or the mechanical calculating device found in a shipwreck in the Mediteranean.

    So: a question: Do we have to assume that all ancient accomplishments or technologies that occurred in the ancient world were widespread? Doesn't it seem more logical that an ancient guild would discover something and then never let it be known outside their own group? No printing press means it would be hard to share the secret without getting caught (and the guild would probably kill you for it).

    Maybe a single Hittite shipping guild discovered the new world, and then kept it secret to benefit from the exclusive trade. Maybe a few alchemists in Persia knew the secret of creating wet cell batteries, and sold a few to the local jewel merchants to help them silver plate their wares. Probably called it "magic".

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