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Thread: anarchist carrot bombing on Italian parliament

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    Some time ago I had this strange discussion about Italian anarchism with a historian acquaintance. Now he told me very interesting stories but some of them are so facetious I have been having severe doubts about their accuracy, especially as I have found no confirmation of the latter in the Internet.

    (1) In the 1920th an anarchist group bombed the Italian parliament with carrots.
    (2) the anarchists then conquered Trieste. Their first measure was to decree the state of Carnival. Thus all inhabitants including the military dropped their guns to sing and dance and drink. As an effect the city was left with no defense so that the Italian army faced no armed opposition when it attacked the rebells and reconquered the city.

    Now, have I been led into strawberry fields or has this story been considered irrelevant by historians? Have any of you read anything comparable? Has anyone got more details?

    I would be pretty disappointed if the carrot bombing had never occured.

    Thanks for your answers!

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