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Thread: hallucinations and psychoanalysis

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    In some of the early literature on psychoanalysis, there are reports of patients having hallucinations of one kind or another (vidual, auditory, etc.), and the analysis is that these hallucination symbolically represent repressed content in the unconscious.

    A lot of psychoanalysis has been discredited today, but I'm wondering if there's still anything to this. Can hallucinations carry any symbolic significance, or are they more or less random?

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    Some auditory hallucinations are specific to a certain type of sound, such as music. So I don't think it is correct to say that they are random, but as to why some people would hear music and others would hear voices, I cannot say. It may be to do with the specific parts of the brain that are active during hallucination.

    It would not be surprising if subconscious thoughts affected hallucinations, particularly if subconscious portions of the brain were firing.

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