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    im an amature mma fighter looking to make it big. maybe one day UFC or PRIDE or something like that. (hate on it but it wont stop me). anyone got any medical and/or health tips to get my muscles and body in top shape? any tips will help.

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    hmm.... train for many hours every day. Oh and if your going for UFC you may not want to train martial arts as much. Instead, ask a friend to come punch you in the face a few hundred times a day. That should get you ready.

    Oh and lots of hugging. UFC fighters seem to enjoy curling up in balls on the floor while locked on to each other.

    Do I sound sarcastic? Sorry, I just hope that you don't think they are real fighters. A true fight with at least one good fighter should last no more than a minute or so. UFC and PRIDE are nothing more than really aggressive sparring.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm sure those guys can fight pretty well but when their in the ring that's not really what they are doing.

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    Do you compete in rugby or american football? Sports like that get you battle hardened. You could have huge muscles, reactions of a cat, and heeps of talent. But one good shot and your down.
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    I'd advise against competing in MMA. They're normally jokes, with winners simply having more muscle than the others. Especially in the areas you expect to compete in.

    However, if you're seriously interested in competition fighting, it's a simple case of practice. Practice your style every day, every hour, every minute. Do it until it's a part of you in every conceivable way, then continue as though it's now become your soul. The best fighters, in any competition, make it their life. Walk a delicate balance between hard work and genius.

    Lastly, be sure to do yoga. That might seem funny, but I'm serious. Your muscles will bulk up and slowly but surely become less useful due to inflexible mass. If you don't keep your flexibility, and indeed improve it, you'll again be left behind.
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