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Thread: Monkeypox - The Next Pandemic?! Not Likely, But Dangerous!!

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    The recent outbreak of Monkeypox has raised some troubling issues. It has never appeared in more countries of the world in a such a brief period since human exposure in Africa many years ago. A rather nasty disease to be sure.

    So far, it appears over 100 cases have been found in 11 non-African countries. It is not as contagious as some other nasty viruses, but this variant may have special characteristics which are worrisome. To learn more about it, check out the latest from Nature (1).

    It is also significant to note that the U.S. has ordered 13 million vaccine doses for monkeypox, just in case (2). Apparently the global spread of the virus has some people concerned. And it probably should!

    "Monkeypox goes global: why scientists are on alert"


    "U.S. government places $119 million order for 13 million freeze-dried Monkeypox vaccines"


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