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Thread: New data indicate significant decline in COVID-19 vaccine efficacy against Delta variant!

  1. #1 New data indicate significant decline in COVID-19 vaccine efficacy against Delta variant! 
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    A report from Poltico* indicates that vaccination for COVID-19 is declining, according to a recent report from the CDC.

    Quoting from the article:

    "One study, which focused on frontline health care workers, found that vaccine effectiveness declined by nearly thirty percentage points since the Delta variant became the dominant strain in the U.S. The analysis also concluded that the Covid-19 vaccines were 80 percent effective in preventing infection among the frontline health care workers. "


    "The second study examined 43,000 Los Angeles residents age 16 and older. It found that 25 percent of new infections from May to July were in fully vaccinated individuals, while 71 percent occurred in unvaccinated people. The study also showed that the hospitalization rate was significantly lower for fully vaccinated people than for unvaccinated people."

    end quotes

    So if you are counting on the vaccine to protect you from infection, that consideration needs to re-evaluated, especially for elderly and otherwise compromised individuals. This needs to be taken very seriously as it not only indicates that re-infection is clearly possible, transmission from vaccinated people is also possible, although greatly reduced. Masking and distancing should be used in confined spaces and among large crowds as the Delta Variant is highly infectious. To be sure, avoiding conditions that require masking etc. should be maximized until more people are vaccinated. And the anti-vaccine people are starting to get their shots due to the clear impact of the Delta variant.

    Booster shots are certainly a good idea for those most susceptible, and who got their shots many months ago. The boosters increase antibody levels 10 fold.

    The most important thing to remember is that these vaccines will keep almost every one alive! Get vaccinated ASAP!

    (Note: The above data is for those vaccines used in the U.S. Vaccines from other sources may not have the same efficacy.)

    "New CDC studies point to waning immunity from vaccines"


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