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    I remember that in the early 1990-th some optimistic researchers made predictions that in 2005-2015 there will be the first commercial products to combat aging based on gene therapy. Now is 2021, but there is not a single readily available product of that kind from what I know. Perhaps developed countries had to spend more money on gene therapy and anti-aging research in the last 40 years, than they spent on microelectronics R&D. I think it is more important to be forever young and healthy than to have a smartphone. Maybe there is a time to create a worldwide folk fund and movement to promote research in that area? Also I think it would be good to outlaw any utterances of the officials or mass media that human death because of aging is a "normal" phenomena. If they want to die personally, it is up to them but no kind of death is normal. People suppose to do whatever possible to prevent it.

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