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    very cosmopolitan.
    I know many of us are worried about the possibility of cancer, especially as we become older!
    I know smoking is a major cause of lung cancer, but I suspect, also, alcohol and diet play a role in causing this dreadful affliction.
    I haver tried to reduce my consumption of alcohol, and also my unnecessary intake of certain foods.
    These items, plus a lack of exercise, are the cause of considerable weight gain over recent years.
    These large increases have destroyed a fine, athletic figure and are generally harmful to one's health.
    Can anyone suggest techniques to help reduce consumption or is this entirely a matter of willpower?

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    Cancer so far as I know isn't "caused" by any one carcinogen except possibly radiation. Most of the other indicators (smoking, processed meats, overexposure to sunlight, etc.) are irritants to the body, which depress the immune system, allowing opportunistic infections which sometimes lead to cancer. Cancer is not one disease, it's a whole panoply of maladies which all result in uncontrolled cell growth.

    As far as I know (I'm no expert but I have cancer in my family) the best preventative steps you can take are:
    • reduce stress
    • daily exercise
    • eat healthy
    • strive to be happy

    Yes, this list is worthless medically but until "cancer" is understood the exact preventative is guesswork.

    As to "willpower," the human body evolved to crave fats and sugars and it is a First World problem that empty calories are cheaper than healthy food. Common sense dictates: avoid fast food, eat fresh, retrain your taste buds to prefer less salt and sugar. I've heard it said we should all eat naked in front of a full length mirror. I'm afraid I'm not ready to go that far!

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    Boy.. I would be worried about other diseases not just cancer... diabetes for example... heart diseases... etc.
    You have to do whay we are not used to do... healthy diet and excersize...
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    Quote Originally Posted by cameron buttle View Post
    I know smoking is a major cause of lung cancer, but I suspect, also, alcohol and diet play a role in causing this dreadful affliction
    I've never smoked and don't drink alcohol. I'm a perfect BMI and my body fat was tested last year at only 17%.
    As for cancer, I've had 2. One very serious, the other I was only discharged from last week.
    I've posted this before: If you experience something abnormal with your body and it continues for a week or two then go to your doctor.
    If the doctor suspects cancer, you will be referred to a specialist who might send you for tests. If the tests reveal cancer you will be referred to an oncologist.
    This is now your lucky day. This person is there to save your life.
    That's all - your only pathway to survival.
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