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Thread: Continuation of Diatomaceous Earth thread (from 2011 - 2014)

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    I'm not used to these so called threads but read a few things that were negative on the page I was on so I thought I would add my experience. I have been taking DE for about 6 months now. I noticed very positive changes. I actually came across it years ago when trying to rid a flea problem with my cat. Didn't use it but read about it. Years down the road got back into it as it was discussed between a few of us. My sister ordered some through a hole in the wall shop close to us, not online, or a health food store where they gouge you. We went halves on a huge amount and split it. It cost us $20.00 each. It is enough to last quite a few months taking it daily.

    Here is what I noticed after taking it! Note I tbsp in a glass of water first thing every morning! I am also 60 yrs old. After the first few days I noticed a dramatic increase in energy! I was also taking a medication that caused constipation badly. Along with my prescription laxatives which weren't really working I started noting that after drinking it and my tea in the morning I was starting to have bowel movements.
    I also used to have a split in my right hand thumbnail that I had for years that always came up. That has stopped, I haven't had it split for quite some time now. I also noticed my hair was much healthier looking as well as shiny! I never used to get headaches at all but started suffering from them for quite awhile and didn't know why. That stopped after ingesting DE. I also urinate alot more than what I used to. My little problems with stomach, heartburn here and there, belching etc has stopped.

    Is this coincidence or is the DE working. I think it's the DE personally and am going to continue to take it. I had spent money far prior to that on Hair skin and nail vitamins etc which aren't cheap, that did absolutely nothing. So for the cost and all the positive results I am experiencing I will continue to take it for my health.

    I also starting giving my cat a very very small amt mixed in her wet food. I did it as she was going outside before I moved and she was always an indoor cat. I did it for a time hoping if there was anything in her tummy it would help clean her of any parasites or worms as she was killing animals. She is fine and no longer going outside once I moved.

    I am going away but researched it some more and when I get home I am going to make my own healthy toothpaste.

    People must realize that they use this in alot of products that people are already ingesting, including toothpaste which contains things that aren't good for you!

    I thought I would share some positivity instead of reading foolish posts and posts that were negative!

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    The de cleaned out your intestines and colon, and now you absorb digested food better. How is that counter to the "negative" posts in the thread?

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    Anecdotes in their own right aren't a convincing argument. They can be useful if they help illustrate or explain some scientifically confirmed phenomena or hypothesis.
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