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Thread: Amateur experimental reading strategy for the visually impaired (looking for test subjects)

  1. #1 Amateur experimental reading strategy for the visually impaired (looking for test subjects) 
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    They are people with very low vision. They aren't blind, but reading can be a challenge.
    The usual software solutions are software lenses( other stuff too...).

    Here, i'm trying something new.
    The idea is to use a coloured alphabet.
    The goal, is not to distinguish the shapes of the letters, but instead to read the colour code.
    For example, if "a" is red, then when the user sees a red smudge, he knows that there's a "a" there.

    I'm looking for people to test the idea on. Maybe just a forum member, or some one you know in real life.
    I'm interested in knowing how well it works in practice, i'm normally sited my self and don't know any one seriously challenged with his vision.

    So, you try it with the script bellow, then come back here and tell me how it's going.

    I'm also interested in hearing what you people think.


    In practice. I made a grease monkey script that you can install in Firefox. Last time i checked, it didn't work in Chrome.

    you need to first install this addon

    then the script

    It's very basic. It is meant to be used just for testing, not everyday use.
    (in the default it's using a picture alphabet and it's very slow, it didn't crash Firefox, it's just slow, be patient. I think it's because some of the pictures are dead, other wise is barely acceptably slow.)
    You need to edit it by hand to change the parameters, don't worry it's very simple.

    In the definitions for the variables of each letter. If you give it the link of a picture, it will use that. If you don't give it a link, it will use the colours( hexadecimal code) that you provided. Two colours, the letter and its background.

    I'm here to help if people are interested and having trouble.


    Also, for Linux, i made a script for kate (KDE application)
    (There's a screenshot)
    Colors alphabet

    depending on your system, you need to save it in

    restart kate
    open some text
    Tools > highlighting > other > colors alphabet

    that was the default
    easy configuration
    Settings > configure kate > fonts and colors > highlighting text styles
    make sure you are on "other/colors alphabet"
    edit it to your liking

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