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Thread: Is there a way to temporarily disable hearing?

  1. #1 Is there a way to temporarily disable hearing? 
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    Some may think this is a stupid request but IMO this would be a very useful and therapeutic advancement. Think about how we could sleep all night without worrying about car alarms. So is this possible or potentially possible?

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    Having been in a sensory deprivation tank where all I can hear is my own heartbeat, I'm perfectly happy listening to the rain (or my snoring dog) as I fall asleep. I find silence (like the kind you experience when you put on noise-cancelling headphones) really eerie.

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    Sometimes running a small fan helps. The blades chopping the air create a sort of white sound that deadens most of the other sounds.

    About what Flick said, I have been in anechoic chambers a few times and they make my ears hurt.
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    I use ear plugs and they don't bother me or come out while I'm asleep. I recommend these as I've tried others but these seem to be the best.

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    I was going to comment that very loud noises will temporaly deaden hearing, but this is clearly not what is being asked about. Ear plugs and white noise are the best low tech solutions. The high tech one would be counter sound, there is a specific name for this but I can't recall it. It is a system of a microphone that picks up the ambient sound and a computer that analyses it and generates an opposit and equalwave form and sends it to speakers. The opposit and equal waves of sound cancell each other out.
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    I realise that I would be unlikely to find a doctor willing to do this, but I'm interested in the theoretical possibilitiI realise that I would be unlikely to find a doctor willing to do this, but I'm interested in the theoretical possibilities.
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