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Thread: Brain neurons.

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    I have read in one of the canadian medical book, that on a neuron nucleus acts Ka+ and Na- ions and in one of the russian magazins it says, that Ka+ and Na+ ions act on a nuclea. I tryed canadian variant in my researches and had a positive outcome. Bet, I do not beleive russians data.

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    I don't see how that could be the case. Na has 11 electrons, and is far more stable with 10 electrons as that will give it a full outer shell, so its ion is +1 charge, not negative. And it has been demonstrated that sodium ions are involved and how, in action potentials, and they always take the form Na+

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    The brain and spinal cord are made up of many cells, including neurons and glial cells. Neurons are cells that send and receive electro-chemical signals to and from the brain and nervous system.
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