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Thread: Drugs to enhance Intelligence

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    Hello Guys,

    Do drugs or pills exist that you can swallow and they enhance your IQ and awareness.


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    There are pills that enhance your energy and memory, which can also increase focus. Amphetamines can do this and many other supplements claim it. I don't think they actually increase your raw intelligence. Though increasing your focus and memory might make you score higher on an IQ test if you have trouble narrowing your focus and your short term memory is poor. I've tried such pills and they mostly just boost energy in my experience, the rest is placebo. Which is precisely what I expected. Though I'm certainly no expert. As a transhumanist, if such a pill could be developed with few side effects I think that would be pretty cool.

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    There isn't anything except study that can enhance your intelligence. If someone tries to sell you something they claim will do that I'd just walk away from them rather quickly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tandoorchicken View Post
    Hello Guys,

    Do drugs or pills exist that you can swallow and they enhance your IQ and awareness.

    Hey kid, amphetamines is not the way to go. Train your memory and work hard, That is the way to go.
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