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Thread: How to detect nematodes?

  1. #1 How to detect nematodes? 
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    How to detect nematodes in our body?
    I do not mean diseases cause by them, but simply those animals.

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    Examine fecal smears microscopically to find their eggs, or in rare cases, the worm itself.

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    Or use antibodies made in other animals against parasite antigens normally displayed on the nematode surface in larval and adult stages of development.
    This is routine stuff.
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    Get a friend to examine your body to find those critters.
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    It depends on which type of nematode.
    Pinwoms and Roundworms will usually show up in your feces. You could see them wiggly in the toilet after you take a crap.

    Trichinosis worms can be found in the feces or in blood or muscles as the larvae move through the body during their migration from the intestine to the muscle they form cysts in.

    Filiarisis worms are transmitted by mosquitoes and are almost always found in the blood.

    Here is a list of some different parasitic roundworms with some information of what they do.
    List of parasites of humans - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Wow.. do not click that link if you intend to sleep at all this decade..
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