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Thread: How red-haired people produce vit D without sun while we can't?

  1. #1 How red-haired people produce vit D without sun while we can't? 
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    How red-haired people produce vitamin D without sun whereas other people can't?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hymenophyllum View Post
    How red-haired people produce vitamin D without sun whereas other people can't?

    Those are assumptions, what is the source?

    For one thing, i doubt sunlight is needed to make vitamin-D. As we don't do photosynthesis. However, we create sufficient vitamin-D only when exposed to sunlight. So it is a repressor/promotor story. A red haired person, will have sunlight reach much further in its skin than a dark skinned individual. And with this, he will have a higher stimuli of creating vitamin D. So less sun would be required for this person. This doesn't mean no sun is required.

    I believe the gene for creating vitamin-D, is linked to the gene creating melanin. When exposed to sunlight, melanin will need to be created, and when it is being created so will vitamin-D. It may not have his own promotor... Which is a evolutionary flaw. A big one.

    Melanin won't be created a lot in red haired people, so i can see how this gene could be active all the time. This would be an evolutionary advantage, given that the concentration of vitamin-D is never too low or to high, due to regulation.

    Interesting if it were true.
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