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Thread: Why Asians can't take this medicine?

  1. #1 Why Asians can't take this medicine? 
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    My mother has a medicine with rosuvastatinum. The leaflet says that this medicine is not for Asians. I wonder why.

    It's anti-myocardial infarction medicine.

    He is numb from his toes down
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    I'm not entirely sure what you meant by "not for Asians", but rosuvastatin can be prescribed at lower doses (10 mg) to Asians. The reason for that is because of the differences in absorption and dispersion rate between Asians and Caucasians during PK studies in America, Japan, Singapore, and various countries in Europe. If you like to know more, you can refer to the links below.

    1. Rosuvastatin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    2. FDA Public Health Advisory for Crestor (rosuvastatin)
    4. Health Sciences Authority - Update of pharmacokinetic data of rosuvastatin (CrestorŽ) on local Chinese subjects
    5. Health Sciences Authority - Safety update of rosuvastatin and new information on PK data

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