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Thread: How sneezing can make us bleed?

  1. #1 How sneezing can make us bleed? 
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    How sneezing can make us bleed? I do not mean bleeding from nose!

    He is numb from his toes down
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    Sneezing can increase blood pressure which, if it is increased too high, might cause a blood vessel to rupture. However, this is EXTREMELY unlikely and most likely will not happen. Mallory-Weiss syndrome, a tear of the esophagus, could cause you to vomit blood. Mallory-Weiss syndrome can be caused by pressure due to coughing, vomiting, sneezing, hiccuping, etc. If you start bleeding randomly, you should probably see a doctor immediately if it does not stop. Nosebleeds are generally not serious unless you do not clot properly; nosebleeds in people with hemophilia can be lethal due to the inability to clot. However, ruptured blood vessels and tears of the esophagus can be very dangerous even if you do clot properly. All in all, if you start bleeding randomly, PLEASE see a doctor.

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