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Thread: Question about blood count measurement...x10E3/uL?

  1. #1 Question about blood count measurement...x10E3/uL? 
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    Hey guys, I just got some blood tests done and this is basically just a medical question. What does the measurement x10E3/uL mean? I know uL = micrograms, but what is the x10E3?

    I am concerned I'm suffering from alopecia areata incognita. My white blood cell count is within normal range, but my neutrophils are low (33 % of WBC count) and my absolute eosinophil count is high (1.0 x10E3/uL). Apparently eosinophils have something to do with incognita.

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    The term uL is a pathetic attempt at L, where the (the Greek mu that is, the Greek letter m) stands for micro, the L stands for liter, and so, uL stands for microliter.

    The E stands for exponent, so 10E3 means 10 or 1,000.

    The simply means multiply.

    So, 1.010E3/uL means 1,000 per microliter. (In comparison, 2.310E3/uL means 2,300 per microliter, 0.810E3/uL means 800 per microliter, etc)

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    Ah okay, simple enough.
    So, 1,000 eosinophils per microliter of blood would constitute eosinophilia... I did the numbers and based off of my total count of white blood cells eosinophils are at about 16 % and neutrophils are at 33 % (which is a little low).
    Which would make sense with alopecia areata, because apparently autoimmune diseases can cause eosinophilia. I have atopic dermatitis as well.
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    If it's any consolation, I think eos are the coolest of the white blood cells
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