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Thread: Using UV light to kill germs and bacteria

  1. #1 Using UV light to kill germs and bacteria 
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    Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation

    Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI) is a procedure that exposes the blood to light to heighten the body’s immune response and to kill infections. With exposure to UV light, bacteria and viruses in your bloodstream absorb five times as much photonic energy as do your red and white blood cells.

    This means the fragments of the killed infecting agents create a safe, autogenous vaccination-like response. This further activates and directs your immune system to the specific infections your body is attempting to overcome. The net result is the induction of a secondary kill of these infecting agents throughout the entire body. Treating only 35 cc of blood with UBI induces a beneficial systemic response.
    Other reported benefits include:
    • Improved circulation
    • Oxygenation of tissues
    • Balancing effect (homeostasis)
    • Reduction of tissue pain
    • Increased immune and pain tolerance of the body toward radiation or chemotherapy
    • Cardiovascular protection through increased metabolism of cholesterol, uric acid, and glucose
    • Anti-inflammatory effects
    • Powerful anti-infection properties
    • Stimulation for production of red blood cells
    • Improvement in the flow and properties of the blood
    The amount of treatment needed is determined by variables such as the state of health of the patient’s immune system, length of time the patient has been ill, and the severity of the disease being treated. UBI can be used clinically as both a SPECIFIC (i.e. psoriasis, lymph cancer) and NON-SPECIFIC (chronic infections, chronic fatigue, auto-immune diseases, etc.) immune modulating therapy, as noted in published studies listed on the website: For more information please schedule an appointment with one of our Riordan Clinic doctors.

    While past research has demonstrated many positive benefits, the Food and Drug Administration has yet to approve these diagnoses and more research is still needed before UBI will be accepted within the usual standards of care. The Riordan Clinic cannot be held accountable for unanticipated or unexplained adverse outcomes.

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    I am not convinced of the efficacy of UBI, due to two reasons.

    Firstly, although their list of publications seems impressive (131 studies),
    their list contains no studies that appeared after 1999 and none of them have appeared in respected journals
    (e.g. Nature Medicine, PNAS, NEJM, BMJ, Cell, The Lancet, etc.).

    Next, is it not odd that this:
    This proven therapy has 70 years of history, helping those who still suffer after exploring other medicines.
    Step into the world of over 140 published medical studies where BioPhotonic Therapy has shown amazing success rates.

    - No major side effects
    - Treats over 40 diseases
    - Low cost
    - Helps those in need
    is followed by this disclaimer?
    This site, nor any of its contributors, does not provide medical advice, or diagnosis and makes no claims of cures. No medical treatment should be administered solely on the basis of the information herein.

    (Bold mine)

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    I have not heard of UBI Before. However, i have experience with UV disinfection. My advice, the fewer UV you get in contact with, the better. Yes, some vitamins are formed faster if you lay in the sun, but this is only true because you make a stress relief hormone yourself.

    However, i am guessing this research used low penetrating UV light.. And while UV light is lethal to viruses, it's not as lethal to bacteria. You will damage your own skin. Neither has laying in the sun, baking for a day, been an effective way of disinfection. Actually, what you do is creating a pôrte de entrée.

    So no onto the blood irradiation. Why would you want to do this?? Only 35cc? So to about 5% of your total amount of blood. Why would that have an effect at all? I can guess an effect it could have, which is leukemia. You could denature your blood cells, or some of the contents of these cells.

    Nope, it's a scam. In medicine people usually go for half truths and try to make money out of it, using misleading science papers, and getting huge research grants from it. Literally, don't buy it...

    hey make a nice reference about cleaning a pool. You take out a bucket, clean this bucket, and throw it back in. According to this theory it would be cleaned. Which is bullshit. Then there is the bactericidal effect that remains in the irradiated blood. Which has never been proven. Then there is the placebo effect.. Which is true, can not be disproved. But simply eating a sugarpill has the same effect.
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    i am afraid of effects of UV radiation on live tissues. this doesn not seem to be a good idea to me.
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