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    I have double, sometimes triple or quadruple, vision. The images are vertical, not horizontal. I've had my eyes checked repeatedly and there is nothing wrong with them, and the ophthalmologist says it's probably a refraction problem caused by dry eyes, and he prescribes drops. But they don't seem to help. Has anyone had this problem?

    It's not totally debilitating. In fact it almost seems like my brain gets rid of the overlapping images most of the time and they are not bothersome. Glasses help but don't eliminate it. I mainly notice them if I am trying to focus on something small and important, or if I look up in the sky, there are three stars where there should only be one.

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    I'd recommend seeing a neurophthalmologist. It sounds like a problem with the muscle control of your eyes, which is more a neurologic problem than an eye problem. Differential diagnosis is pretty broad, so I won't speculate as to the cause, but a neurophthalmologist,or at least a neurologist, would be a better specialty for finding an answer.


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    I've noticed a similar problem and I tried changing the background color on my monitor or lowering the intensity of the whites that are always being produced. That seems to be helpful for monitors and TV sets. Ever try that?
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    I am no expert on the eyes, but i believe you may suffer from some retina nerve isolation damage.. As you probably know, your nerves are shielded by a layer of flexible, but strong canals. If there is a little fluid in these nerve canals you may experience some signals being reflected over them. Your brain may still be able to make an image out of it though.

    If both eyes have this triple sight, then it is most likely something in the brain itself. In that case, see a neurologist, test your blood pressure, and maybe get some extra rest (not getting enough sleep may cause hallucinations)
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