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Thread: The effect of cell phone radiation on human health.

  1. #1 The effect of cell phone radiation on human health. 
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    Earlier this year, a group of students carried out an experiment about the effect of cell phone radiation and plant health. The result was devastating, almost all the seeds placed near a source of cell phone radiation died whereas those placed in a room with no radiation lived. Can this radiation have an effect on human beings especially on our brain? What would the effect be and how can one get rid of this radiation. Is it dangerous to our lives (especially if cell phone is place near the bed during sleep)?

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    This is absolutely pathetic.

    The article constantly references "radiation" as a scare tactic. Whilst it's true that mobile emit radiation NOT ALL RADIATION IS THE SAME. Mobiles emit electromagnetic radiation which is completely different to the radiation you get from radioactive elements. The sun also emits electromagnetic radiation and exposes us to 1000s of times more than a mobile does though more in the visible spectrum than microwaves.

    High doses of microwaves can cause health problems but no link has been proven with the small levels emitted by mobiles.

    I have my doubts to the credibility of the study itself. This isn't a peer reviewed paper published in nature, it's school children. The results seem far too dramatic so I think they either made a sever error with their methodology or someone has tampered with the experiment.

    Cress is a terrible model for human health, even if their test is repeatable that doesn't demonstrate that it has a negative effect on human health.

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    Even if the test were credibly conducted (quote doubtful), it would be a huge stretch to apply it to humans. They'd have to show similar significant results on much closer organisms to people...such as primates...or mobile protist....or even mushrooms (now that I think about it)...all much better representations because they are closer to human evolution than plants.
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    "they used a router to expose the trays to the same amount of radiation that would be emitted from a standard cell phone."

    ?? Routers use 2.4GHz or 5GHz. Cellphones generally use 800 or 1900Mhz. Router duty cycles are determined by traffic; mobile phones almost never transmit when they are not in a call (i.e. on a bedside table.)

    Also, where was the router? If it was under the plate, it would be heating that plate constantly - resulting in dry seeds.
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    From the link ...

    The girls, ..., decided to conduct the experiment when they found that they were struggling to concentrate in class and having trouble sleeping and they wondered if this might have something to do with the fact that they slept with their mobile phones by their bedside.
    ... since they discovered the results they have all stopped sleeping with their mobile phones at their bedside!
    Having trouble sleeping has already been linked, years ago, to screen based activities - esp for students who have computers, televisions and similar devices in their bedrooms.

    I suspect it's not the sleeping beside the phone, it's cutting off access so sleep is not delayed or interrupted by expecting or receiving messages and calls. (My suspicions are bolstered by my experiences trying to persuade both parents and students about sleeping times and restricting phone and screen based activity. Usually dismal failures, I might add.)
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    The simplest explanation.

    Some prankster sprayed the experimental group with herbicide.

    Repeat the experiment where tampering is not possible and you will get a very different result.
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