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Thread: Climate-type Affects General Well-being?

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    Does actual evidence exist supporting my belief that a permanent change of climate-type is noticeable in one's everyday physiological "acceptance" of it? First 30 years living outside of Chicago, everyday high-humidity and extended seasonal extremes including 90-100`F. @ 90%+ humidity as well as months of sub-freezing temps. daily, without any excursion above freezing. Annual precipitation of 40+ (maybe more...) inches.

    I distinctly recall the difference in everyday "feel" when I moved permanently to Southern Nevada at 30: Very low humidity, annual precip. of about 5", complete lack of the sweaty, drenched clothing feel in the Midwest. I noted continuing thirst, finally realized the evaporative effects being so much different explained why body temperature was maintained more easily even though temps. were higher; the pervasive "stickiness" was absent. The previously ever-present "post-nasal drip" which my doctor had blamed for chronic sore throat disappeared. I "felt" better. Altitude effects were not much different, 1000 feet above Sea Level vs. I think about 800 or so in Chicago. (latter number could be wrong, oh well!).

    Several more moves east and west ensued over the years. Back to Indiana at age 36, the cold and dampness crept through clothing and skin; it took several months to feel it as acceptable. Back to Phoenix, AZ, and spent 20 years there, hot, dry, age creeping up when I left there for Missouri, less cold than Chicago or Indiana, but not much less, high humidity, enormously high mold counts, I "took sick" for the first time beyond anything experienced before, respiratory difficulty. I felt "cold" most of the time. Chucked that place after 13 years, back to West-Central Arizona, and am again currently feeling the benefits (?) of dry air and warm temperatures.

    For my part, it took time to grow "accepting" of the change in climate- type each time I moved. Does evidence exist medically supporting this, or is it all "in the head"? jocular

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