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Thread: Harbinger, or Result?

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    Can this be a result of anticipated sales loss due to Affordable Care Act, real sales loss as a result of economic slow-down, or simply a bloated company structure resulting from years of ever-increasing medication-use? jocular

    Merck boosts job cuts to 16,000, cancels new HQ
    Read more at Merck boosts job cuts to 16,000, cancels new HQ

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    Seems to be part of a continuing program. Merck continues restructuring and cuts 13,000 jobs

    See this item a year ago Merck KGaA adds big job cuts, $316M R&D makeover to restructuring plan - FierceBiotech

    Can't see a link to health insurance now in an intenational company's plans to cut staff worldwide starting 2 years ago.

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    Merck publishes the "Merck Manual of Medicine", (title may be misworded a bit, you get the idea), which is quite technical, available to the general public, understandable and believable. Using it's information has gotten me through several rather harrowing situations involving my unusual respiratory problems. Seeing them in dire straits was a "heads-up" for me; I had no idea.

    But, I may have been "jaded" a bit. Time will reveal the whys and wherefores of their dilemma. Thank you for your input! joc
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