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Thread: Methodology of Prayer Experiments

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    Some people are convinced that the phrase "prayer works" is wrong, i.e. they are convinced that prayer does not have significant effect on anything (especially on human health). In order to support this statement, they provide different scientific studies, e.g. (Krucoff M.W. et al., 2005), (Aviles, J.M. et al., 2001), (Benson, H. et al., 2006​). Refuting these peer-reviewed and strictly controlled experiments is difficult, thus it seems that the 'prayer-does-not-work' party wins the discussion.

    Yet, I wonder how they divided people into groups that received a prayer and those that did not (I cannot access the studies).
    Is there a way to know that someone did not receive prayer (from relatives or from strangers)?

    Can you shed some light on the methodology of these experiments?

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    These might be the articles you are looking for.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cogito Ergo Sum View Post
    (Krucoff M.W. et al., 2005),, 2006.pdf

    Quote Originally Posted by Cogito Ergo Sum View Post
    (Aviles, J.M. et al., 2001),

    Quote Originally Posted by Cogito Ergo Sum View Post
    (Benson, H. et al., 2006​). Prayer.pdf

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