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    Hello, I am a nursing student here in Florida. I have taken a particular interest in wound care recently. I have been trying to familiarize myself with the different therapies and products used around the hospital I work in. We have recieved a new product called COPA. I was wondering if anyone here had any experience in wound care. If so, have you used this product? What did you think? What other products and therapies have you used?

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    I am a plastic surgeon, so from time to time I have to deal with wound care. There is differents families of products

    Copa seems to be an hydrocellular product. It's a sort of expanded plastic, wich are great for controling the humidity of the wound. These kind of products are good for "pumping" the wound secretions.
    The low level of the humidity around the word prevent maceration and thus skin irritation

    There is also the hydrocolloidal family wich are great for the wound detersion, but tend to be too humid to my taste, and are prone to maceration of the surrounded skin. It's an older family. The advantage is it's cons : more humidity than the hydrocellular products
    Now there is hybrid of both : they try to get the advantage of the two world

    There is the hydrogel familly : they are great when the wound is very dry.

    There is the classical vaseline coated products. The new products are better than this classical one : jelonet, tulle gras (I don't know how it's named in english), grassolin ...

    In practice, you have to follow the basic rules : Infection or not (if there is infection go to Betadine tulle, or argentic coated products like Urgotulle silver) . If not, choose the product based upon the level of hydratation of the wound you want.
    Now some products work better on some patients, than others, and you have to try several products until you find the one who work great.

    Hope it will help

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