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Thread: Are antioxidants evil?

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    Just reading an article in New Scientist paper edition. (16 March 2013, page 28).

    This article questions the wisdom of antioxidant supplements. It turns out that trials show that such supplements do absolutely nothing to reduce heart disease, or make people healthier and longer lived.

    In fact, there is now experimental evidence that too many antioxidants make us more susceptible to various cancers. Antioxidants mop up reactive oxygen species, which are actually active against cancers. Some of the anticancer drugs creates these reactive oxygen species. Antioxidants work to stop the action of the effective anticancer substances in our food and in our body.

    It looks like the old, and sensible advice about eating a good balanced diet is correct. Not only is it pointless to spend money on antioxidants, but it may cause you active harm.

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    I have gotten to the point of ignoring any kind of dietary studies. They just contradict one another every few years.

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    I would love to see the evidence that antioxidants can harm people. However, IIRC, oxidative bursts from leukocytes can also cause damage to normal cells. In the balance, which is more dangerous?
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    Eat fresh real food ...except chicken livers, seriously they gotta be fried.
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