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    News papers and internet blogs over here in Blighty have been going potty over the abuses being perpetrated under the guise of caring within the NHS for old and vunerable patients placed on the Liverpool Care Pathway. The Liverpool Care Pathway was supposedly designed to improve the quality of care for those people in hospital 'deemed' coming to the end of their lives. However it has been reported that after several high profile cases came to light that the LCP was being used as a form of involuntry euthanasia, patients were apparently being placed on the LCP without their or their relatives consent and deprived of food and liquid for until their eventual deaths, or angry relatives demanding they are given food and drink protest at the hospitals. In one of the most high profile cases to come to light MP Fiona Bruce tells her story of how she pulled her 83-year-old father off the Liverpool Care Pathway, Mrs Bruce said she was shocked that there had been “no discussion, no explanation, no consultation”, between the family and the hospital staff, “just an announcement, a statement of fact, almost in passing”. She said that her mother’s “heart-rending” death after being deprived of food and fluids without her children being consulted had left her with a sense of “terrible guilt” and she was resolved not to let her father die the same way.

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