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Thread: Receptors on structural adipose tissue

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    Hi everyone

    I have been thinking about the adipose tissue in various locations in the body. It seems to me that a lot of the fat serves as connective supportive tissue, and not as potential energy reserves. Examples: Fat around the eye and fat in the knee. Is this type of fat cells any different from the subcutaneous fat cells? If so, does this type of adipose tissue lack certain receptors, for example glucagon, norepinephrine or insulin receptors, so that the amount of fat it contains is constant (no catabolism or anabolism)?

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    Good question. Presumably the answer is yes they are different in their expression profiles (of cell membrane receptors and so forth).

    This link (Adipose | StemBook) notes:

    “…adipose surrounding sex organs can secrete sex hormones, subcutaneous fat is responsive to energy storage needs and structural fat pads on the feet have not been shown to secrete any factors of interest, nor do they show significant changes in growth…”

    There are a few other bits of information in that link about fat pads but nothing in depth.

    This (http://becknaturalmedicineuniversity...ifferences.pdf) is a nice paper. It goes into details, but compares visceral fat and subcutaneous fat (so not talking about ‘structural’ fat so to speak, but the comparison is useful and can be drawn from to think about the differences between what we might term ‘storage fat’ and ‘structural fat’).

    Here are a couple of other links with interesting fat related info:
    Structural and biochemical characteristics of various white adipose tissue depots - Wronska - 2012 - Acta Physiologica - Wiley Online Library
    Adipose Tissue

    Perhaps the fat behind the eye (etc) can be used as energy reserves in starvation ??? I’m thinking of sunken eyes in deprived persons. (at least I think they have sunken eyes)

    If you find out re ‘structural fat’ profiles in the future, I’d be interested to hear.

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