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Thread: In a electric cigarette's vapor producing liquid, which is safer to inhale (VG) or (PG) ?

  1. #1 In a electric cigarette's vapor producing liquid, which is safer to inhale (VG) or (PG) ? 
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    I was wondering which of the following (2) substances, would be safer for a electric cigarette user to inhale.

    Vegetable Glycerin (VG) or Propylene Glycol (PG)

    These substances are heated into a vapor, and then inhaled into the lungs.

    The following are wiki links to the (2) substances.

    Glycerol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Propylene glycol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    They are both in e cigarettes and different people use different percentages. There are some flavors that I like a 50 / 50 mix. Some of the other flavors I do a 60 / 40. Your question is vague and hard to answer. Are you aware that both of them are used in food and drink along with Pharmaceutical. If you are truly wanting to learn more I will give you two links that will help answer your question.
    Home - Find out who has the best e cigarettes at the cheapest prices and Welcome to Fleck Distributions Blog and E cigarette Review I think that both of these links will be able to answer a lot of questions that you have. I am also a member of an e cig forum that will be able to help you out and that link is nu-vapor I hope that one or all of these websites will be able to answer any questions that you might have.

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