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Thread: How much can a PET scan reveal? (possible learning disability due to head trauma)

  1. #1 How much can a PET scan reveal? (possible learning disability due to head trauma) 
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    Uni life is killing me atm. I believe I have undiagnosed learning disabilities and came to remember I had a pretty nasty bicycle crash w/o helmet on at the age of 15 that left me unconcious for almost 5 hours and left me hospitalized for almost a week. So it could be some brain damage that I am unaware of that is causing my troubles.

    Its rather strange but my spoken language is flawless and friends, family and other people often compliment me on being smart. But Im only getting C grades at uni as I have severe problems with written language, concentration and some other things.

    Ive decided to get a doctors appointment and ask for a PET scan of the brain. Will this reveal without doubt if any areas of my brains are injured/underdeveloped and so on? What other tests should I ask for?

    I made another thread on lifestyle changes, which helped alot. But this is something else that Ive always had troubles with.

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    It may be quite pointless, Raziell.

    Minor damage is not likely to be readily apparent, and your symptoms suggest only minor damage. It is also quite likely that your problems had nothing to do with any trauma. When I went through university, I also failed to achieve my potential, although I got there in the end. My problem was a lack of maturity, meaning I struggled to concentrate on the task at hand.

    As a mature adult, I have done further courses, and I find I am now a straight A student. Simply maturing was enough to fix my problem, and it may well be that time will cure yours.

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    Psych testing might be more to the point. I doubt very much that there is structural brain damage that can be identified, and more importantly, fixed. brain tissue tends to be quite flexible regarding function. That is if on area is damaged another can often learn to preform the impacted functions.
    what you are discribing is sometimes referred to as an "encoding" problem. But ADHD inattentive type might also be the source of your problem. If it is there are meds that can help.
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