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Thread: Need herbs to help lung function

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    Ok so went to asthma doctor and was told i have 60% lung expansion. They gave me some medicine but i want to do more. Is there any herbs or foods that help increase the lungs. I already run and for some reason even with the limited function i can still get a 8 minuite mile down with minimal difficulty. I told my doc that and he cant explain it either. Its like i can breath better when i workout. Im also wondering if thats even normal?

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    Hi stardust, I don't profess to know to much about it, there doesn't seem to much I could find about herbs I did however come across this arcticle that mentions licorice root and licorice root tea. I hopes this helps, if not maybe one our more medically minded members maybe able to provide more info.

    How To Rebuild Your Lungs | LIVESTRONG.COM

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    If licorice root and goldenseal do help the lungs (there is debate on this point) it is by keeping things clear and clean, but will not help increase the lungs, per se. Doesn't sound like you have a problem keeping your lungs clean. You are already doing the best thing you can do to increase your lung capacity--exercise! And of course the usual things, not smoking, etc. From an asthma perspective, the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine says that "There is not enough evidence to support the use of any complementary health practices for the relief of asthma." But also say that "Conventional medical treatments are very effective for managing asthma symptoms." So just keep excersising and taking your meds.
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    JoshuaL once more speaks good sense.

    Herbal remedies are mostly unproven, and indications, from what few proper scientific studies have been done, are that most are either ineffective or poorly effective. My view, like Joshua, is that exercise and not smoking are the best ways forward.
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