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Thread: Is cow's milk really healthy or is it a myth?

  1. #1 Is cow's milk really healthy or is it a myth? 
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    The below articles and there are many others warns that drinking cow's milk is not as safe and healthy as we think. Is it true? can anyone throw some light on this issue?

    Dr. Kradjian addresses cow's milk

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    I've long used chocolate milk as a part of my workout routine. It contains pretty much everything you need to rebuild after a workout.

    That having been said, it's produced and intended for calves, not humans. I certainly wouldn't recommend it as a primary drink, but I have 4 or 5 glasses a week and I'm still alive.

    I'd like to see a published study rather than a dubious and poorly constructed website. Is it like the whole "Red wine is good for you" debate where you'd have to consume 300 bottles a day to see a difference?

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    Aside from the obvious lactose, I think you bring up a really good point with the idea of portion size or dosage. There may be benefits from drinking small amounts and issues with larger amounts. Like iron, which is necessary is small amounts but toxic in larger dosages.
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    Good Post Paisley. The biological requirements of individual and group organisms have a pattern of tolerance for survival. Humans individually in this, the 21 Century, are more complex in their individual needs to promote their well-being. Reasons for this is that our food sources and their nutritional goodness and benefits are subject to Marketing and Source and distribution requirements. An individual effort is required to research what is best and healthiest for your own system, and maybe a little trial and error will take place here. This pre-supposes an interest in aquiring good health so as to perform at ones best. Unfortunately good and adequate nutrition is not the be all and end all of human existance and fit for purpose requirements. Back to Milk. I'm 78 years old. Milk has been part of my food intake almost all of this time. A glass a day on the average. What can I report?. I have no teeth. My bones are strong enough, but cartlidge shot to pieces. Calcium is needed but in what amounts per individual, and what ongoing requirments have to be met is unknown by me. Still, there are people out there earning their living sorting this out. My Gods have kept me alive for some reason that is beyond my understanding, but obviously I still have work to do before I fulfilled my obligation. westwind.
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    Milk is a superb food. It contains excellent protein, lots of vitamins and minerals, and is the best source of dietary calcium. it even makes you live longer. Longer Life For Milk Drinkers, Study Suggests
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    People have been raising animals for dairy products for somewhere between 5,000 to 10,000 years. During that time, populations where dairying was practiced developed lactase persistence - the ability to digest lactose into adulthood. This means that using dairy products provided an evolutionary advantage for those people who were able to take advantage of it. In other words, it's good for you. Those who do not have this genetic ability may be better off to avoid milk, though.

    Lactase persistence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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