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Thread: Computer-caused eyestrain

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    When using a computer (or similarly, watching TV) for long periods of time, you can develop eyestrain. I'm wondering... What is it about the computer that causes eyestrain to occur? What makes it different from just normally looking around?

    Now, I'm not just blatantly confused. I suspect several reasons, but I'm curious as to why specifically it happens by fact. Trying to focus on small font? Pixelated image? Brightness of screen? What goes on in the eyeball when we normally view electronic screens in relation to developing eyestrain symptoms (computers, TVS, phones, gaming toys, etc.)?

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    Perhaps because the object is too close?

    Also, this might be related:
    Some people said 3D movie cause headache, but the difference between 3D & 2D movie is just the illusion of depth. So it might be related to how we see distance & depth?

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    Twenty years ago, few offices workers used computers, let alone had computers. However
    with the dramatic increase in home and office computer use, complaints of eye fatigue and
    discomfort are commonplace. Many people assume increased computer use is the source
    of these complaints. But extensive testing in government and private laboratories has not
    produced scientific evidence that computer monitors will harm your eyes. Research has
    established that computer monitors emit little or no hazardous radiation, such as x-ray, or
    non-ionizing radiation, such as ultraviolet rays.

    While computers have no known harmful effects on eyesight, computer users do often
    complain of eye related symptoms such as eyestrain, headaches, fatigue, dry eyes, and
    difficulty focusing, These symptoms (Computer Vision Syndrome - CVS) however are
    caused not by the computer screen itself but rather by the conditions surrounding the
    computer screen, such as poor lighting or improper placement of computer equipment
    and computer furniture. In some instances, a pre-existing eye problem may be the cause.
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    Most of these sorts of problems are caused by lack of variety in focal distance and lighting. Long before we used computers for education, the students of religious schools in Israel had much worse vision problems than those in public schools.

    The only difference between them was in the kinds of educational activities - the religious students spent most time reading and reciting texts, whereas the other students did a wide variety of activities - and in the amount of time spent outside, especially in playing team and ball games, which the religious students did much less than the others.
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    I don't have this problem for I take short breaks away from my PC from time to time. The breaks last anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes.
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    There's far greater problems than eyestrain coming from computer use and overuse. I just watched a short video on the problem of computer addiction in China and some of the ways they are trying to overcome the problem.

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