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Thread: Lower Spine ( nerve compression ), Pelvic Girdle, ( wouldn't like to throw a saddle on this ), & Hips.

  1. #1 Lower Spine ( nerve compression ), Pelvic Girdle, ( wouldn't like to throw a saddle on this ), & Hips. 
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    Guess Football is out of the Question for me. Hip condition not good, Almost bone on bone. Lower Spinal nerve exits not good, tail bone seems to have broken or been eaten away by Arthritus or white ants. Doctor quite optomistic, suggests I walk a lot to get fit and lose some weight. Trouble is my Knees are wearing out because I have to crawl home from my "" walk "" around the corner. Doctor still optomistic. Can't sleep at night of course. Doctor quite happy to proscribe sleeping tablets that spring and lock my eyes open but leave me a stumbling horse with three broken legs. Otherwise I'm not too bad, that is, except for my heart, CAD. Rebuild job out of the question. My question to my friends, you are my friend, should I investigate the possibility of having a full body transplant--my head and it's contents onto a younger donar body, or do you feel I should invest in a mobile four wheel footpath vehicle to ease the stress on my lower body so I can get up to see my Doctor.? westwind.

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