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Thread: EAting in conjuction with sleep questions

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    1. Is it bad to sleep just after eat and vice versa? (if its bad how long to normaly wait)
    2. Is it bad to eat just after excercise? (the opp is clear as we have pain in abdomen)
    X. Will we be better off in our immunity if we live like animals not bathing often? (like people living in wild)

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    Animals do bathe when they get the chance. Elephants and some other creatures like to cover themselves with mud to act as a sunscreen and it also acts much like the clay beauty treatments people have. As the clay dries and drops off it takes dead skin and any attached unpleasantness with it.

    Animals also have helpful birds and insects to pick off lice, fleas and other nasties from their skin. And grooming among primates is not just for social benefit. It's practical for others to find the fleas or lice on the back of your head for you.

    People not bathing? Well twice a day showers are not a deep necessity. But not washing the skin regularly you can finish up with boils and carbuncles and other deeply unpleasant consequences. I'd keep washing if I were you.

    Eating then sleeping? Depends on individuals to a large extent.

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