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Thread: Any Cures For Arthritis?

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    I have recently realised that a lot of friends and family members are suffering from various types of the crippling arthritis disease. I now find out, it is a huge problem for many people living in (mainly) the affluent societies of the West.

    Since the same part of the World boasts the highest number of medical research organisations, does anyone know of any recent findings or developments in this area of mass human suffering?

    I sometimes find it incredible that so much money and time is being invested to no avail. Is this a source of income for the so called researchers, who might fear they could run out of financing and jobs if a cure was to be found quickly?

    Anyone who has heard of a recent development, please let us know..

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    sorry, that is something terrible but will get better i know that.

    Tell them about diet. refined foods, certain foods against your blood type (common debilitating foods include wheat, dairy, refined sugar)

    tell me what is going on right now, what you are trying right now. PM if interested.

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    Kung Fu.

    We call it bone packing. Hitting a wooden dummy or working with partners constantly hitting arms or leggs together. The stimulation of the nerves causes electric feilds which stimulate osteocytes to produce bone matrix faster.

    Often now days when someone breaks a bone electrical feilds are put on the area to increase bone regeneration.

    I'm sorry if this is impracticle but, it is the best I know. I hope the best for your family.
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