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Thread: Cancer Cures (basic outline still rough and because only in collage can't do research into it)

  1. #1 Cancer Cures (basic outline still rough and because only in collage can't do research into it) 
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    this is about a small idea of how to cure cancer, it wont be indepth detail, because i don't have the resources to look at i all into detail, i only have resources from books and the internet.
    This is a serious topic because it affects the whole world and if we can solve the mysteries we can stop cancer completely the problem with this is the worlds population will go up dramatically, this is another problem i will try to solve later on in a different thread.
    (All of these ideas have flaws that i havn't seen and havn't been tested due to the fact i don't command the resources to under go research, i am hoping someone will see a small truth in what i say and will allow me to work with them to prove this.)

    Basic and first Ideas
    My first ideas into this started in my Biology lesson when we began to talk about genetic coding and how normal viruses attack human cells, my first thought was that it was just a common virus this could be true for all we know, but that wasn't the main bit i thought it could be the Rna-Dna copier that made a change in the ATP structure (this would result in the person being increadably tired allot more because they wouldnt be able to sustain the demand around the body), that then led onto the cell being disorientated (the cell's Dna code is changed resulting in a change in function of the organelles or Emzymes).
    this i highly possible and then could be cured easly.

    Idea for cure

    The Idea for the cure is a virus, this is not normally thought of (mentioned from what i have seen) Required to find the Rna coding for the first virus (from the original Virus you compare it to the Dna from a cell uneffected from the Virus and a cell effected by the Virus) when compared you want to look for the changing strand this is the part of the code that the virus transfers onto the cell, to find this you will need to comapare all three looking for the part that the unaffected cell doesn't have, from there we use genetic engeiring on a virus and change the code to change it to the normal cells Dna code, the uneffected cells should be recognised as already infected and it will ignore them and only attack the cancer infected cells (at the moment this could be injected by needle into the blood directly or through pills).

    Side Effects of cure
    side effects can range at anything because i havn't tested any of this, but if we accidently forget to take part of the virus out it could give the subject anything from a common cold to death, so futher reaserch into this matter is needed.

    ps. that is all i had time for in the small break i had from my lessons, i will add to it more if someone would reply when i get home from collage, and if anyone can also help me on my Idea i would be much appreciated.

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    worth further research. I think it sounds grossly oversimplified. If it were this simple it would have been done. Also CA is not an "infection". It is precisely because CA cells have the same chemical identifiers as healthy body cells that the body's own immune system does not attack them. Continue to study.

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    thank you for at least taking the time to look at this and i understand it not this simple but i am unable to do my own research into it, and that why another virus would be perfect because it will scan each cell accordingly, and it is oversimplified because i didnt go into the full detail i could of because of the time i had so a brief outline to see peoples responses
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